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Yin Yang

 Yin yang, balance, harmony, equilibrium.  Paradoxical duality of two halves and opposites creating a stronger whole.  Interdependent upon each other for definition, naturally occurring patterns: flowing from beginnings to endings, endings to new beginnings.  Light into darkness, and from darkness into light.  Summer - Winter, masculine - feminine, weakness becoming a strength, sadness begetting laughter, despair blooms to hope.


 Another exploration of monochromatic color blocking and “now you see it now you don’t”,  as the figures are camouflaged by the same colored background, telling their dramatic story of separation and connection.  Magnets and their powerful pull towards each other, a kinetic element, drawn together, defying gravity by uplifting the bottom chain into suspension.  The top chain answers that call, grounding and finding laser electric focus on the return home.

* Please contact Victoria about purchasing original art
31.5" X 28"

*** 10% of sales are DONATED

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