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  Take a journey from the gallery, through the Windows of Meditation and into a peaceful space through these animated meditations. As you step into a surrealist world, these images animate to life and deconstruct as you deepen your internal voyage of balancing and cleansing. Allowing the spoken words, animation and soundtrack take you wherever you need to go, experiencing it in a unique way every time you listen, exploring how this guided mediation connects into your

spirit, heart, mind & body.


  The soundtracks are enhanced with Tibetan bowls and ancient solfeggio tones, assisting the relaxation and healing process. Body and energy tuners are recorded in stereo. Listening with a headset, or relaxing between speakers can enhance and deepen your meditation, creating a stereoscopic binaural experience.


  The images and vibrating colors, pulsating and hypnotic, are all pulled from the original artwork of Victoria Drake’s, Windows of Meditation. Faux stained glass images are created with translucent fabrics, paint, and mixed media onto recycled sash windows. These images come to life on the screen through animation with adobe after effects.

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