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 The Vitruvian Man, a strong image by an amazing man.  Leonardo Da Vinci; artist, inventor, philosopher, medical & science pioneer.  Inspired by the human body and geometry, the Vitruvian Man has been the logo for my Pilates studio since the beginning.  I have been wanting to make the female counterpart for many moons and now she hangs in the studio.  An early master of cryptography with mirrored writing, there are special prayers written on the back of the glass that are reversed when viewed from the front, a cathartic process captured, a decided amount of motivation to decipher.  The golden threads of energy inter-worked into the gears and mechanisms, as well as more kinetic energy flowing through suspended magnets.

* Please contact Victoria about purchasing original art
27" X 24"

*** 10% of sales are DONATED

5% to the

5% to La Cas de Las madres at

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